Daycare Bag

Part of sending Babels to daycare during the week is packing his bottles and food for the day. A standard practice is preparing the formula or breastmilk beforehand. Originally, I put them in a lunch box, but they often fell over during the car ride. Almost every day I was cleaning out spilled formula, or worse, breast milk (My precious). Baby formula all over the place is just not fun. After the first few spills, I tried putting a cardboard divider in the lunchbox but it didn’t help. The solution soon became obvious, and I’m sure you’ve figured it out already, design and make a bag for holding bottles upright!


Having made a similarly shaped bag earlier this year, I started with the design I used for the Breast pump bag. While the bag could be smaller overall, it needed to be taller to hold the bottles. I had two ideas for bottle pockets: Elastic straps on the inside to hold bottles upright, like I did for the breast pump bag, or Design an elastic pocket on the outside of the bag for ease of accessibility. I went back and forth several times. Each time I decided on one option, I worried I’d like the other more! Again, I’m sure you’ve already figured out the solution to this one as well…I just did both.

Daycare bag pattern piece. Here is one of my modified pattern pieces for the daycare bag.

Creating the pattern was fairly simple. I started with how big I wanted my finished bag to be and resized the pattern as needed. The really fun part was designing the pockets. The elastic straps were simple, just lay a piece of elastic on the lining and sew it down the middle and sides. I also added a small pocket on the inside for holding any checks or paperwork we bring to daycare. The outside pocket was the real challenge. I made it about 6 inches wider than the bag and sewed a sleeve for the elastic to be inserted. In order to be roomy enough for a bottle I added pleats to the bottom when I sewed it on to the side. The pleats turned out much nicer than I expected.

Pleated bottle pockets ready to be sewn on!

Turns out I like the outside pockets the best! The inside ones work just fine but it’s easier to just grab the bottles on the outside. Also, the daycare ladies just put the bottles back into the outside pockets as they use them. Convenient for everyone!

Babels’ original bottle bag!


Abels Innovations has made and delivered its first commission! I’m so excited. The staff at the day care loved Babels’ new bag so much one of them wanted to give one as a gift for her own grandson! I cleaned up my pattern and got to sewing!


Then I took it one step further and wrote out a tutorial and a digital pattern. This can now be purchased at the Abels Innovations’ Craftsy store! 

The (much nicer) finished commission bag!