Babels does DragonCon 2017

Well we moved and I got a new job and the blog posts got delayed… a bit.


Babels costume #1: Salamence

I managed to find appropriately colored knits in the remnants bin at Joann’s Fabric. Hooray for only needing small pieces of fabric. I resized my pattern up a size and started cutting, which also included interfacing.

All of the pieces of Salamence cut and interfaced

I took my time sewing this one together. I used basting spray to secure the eyes and underbelly as appliques before sewing them. Basting spray is amazingly helpful when layering fabrics without needing pins. I also decided to add some extra touches; I used felt to make little claws and added some booties.

Salamence hood pieces with eyes sewn.

It fit perfectly! Babels was the cutest Salamence you ever did see.

Finished Salamence Cosplay for Babels!


Babels costume #2: Mini Nova (Sam Alexander)

Then I got really inspired and made Babels a second costume to go with our Marvel cosplay. I made James a Nova outfit last year, so I made one for Babels to match. I used the same basic pattern as Salamence but modified the hood and added the decorative sections. Again, basting spray was fantastic.

Nova front and back
Nova sleeves

For both costumes, I decided to go with plastic snaps instead of the hammer on metal ones for the closure. While hammering is cathartic, these use an awl and an applicator is much easier. You also don’t need to find a surface to hammer on. The plastic snaps are considerably easier to use too.

Finished Mini Nova for Babels!

Well, on Saturday we took Babels to the Marvel photoshoot where he was the most popular person amongst all of the Carol Danvers. We even made it onto Marvel’s website!