A New Home

We have moved! Abels Innovations has relocated to South Florida. This means I had to tear down my sewing area in Tallahassee and make a new one. 

In Tally, James’s home office shared space with my crafting area. But literally until the day we actually moved, I had no idea what my new sewing area might be like! I’m really happy with it. Sharing with James’s office made it hard to work on projects during the day since he has meetings and actual work to do. Now I have an entire corner of the new house, just off the kitchen, for my desk and sewing things! It’s spacious enough to leave my ironing board and cutting mat out and not be in anyone’s way!  I can also make food and sew at the same time (sorry for how ‘typical gender roles’ that sounds, but stuff has to get done somehow). 

I did have to do some reorganizing since I don’t have the same shelving situation I did in Tallahassee. So a few Ikea cabinets later and I have a place to put almost everything. 

My new sewing space.

One problem with my sewing area being in a common space is that the cats have unlimited access to my thread organizer that hangs on the wall. Lacking the space to store thread elsewhere I decided to try making a cover for it so they can’t see (or eat) the threads. It took approximately three baby naps to design, cut and sew the cover. It fits a little loose on the bottom but it covers all the sides. I made an extra flap on the top so it tucks in behind the organizer and wont fall down. In retrospect I should have made the same flap for the bottom to keep it on tighter. Perhaps one day I will remake it and my very old sewing machine cover into coordinating covers. 

Close up on my desk. The thread organizer is displayed on the wall.


The overall take away is that you should be jealous of my fancy new sewing space.