Creation in Chaos

Did you know that infant sleep cycles are only about 45 minutes long? So when #Babels does actually nap in his crib (rarely) I only get a small window of opportunity to sew. Sewing has become my stress relief mechanism. On the rare occasion the baby is asleep and I don’t have other more important household chores or errands to run, I sew! 

The only mini craft I have managed to make in those precious little hours is a small notions pouch. It has a zipper closure and a vinyl panel in the front. The idea spurred from a late night of Pinteresting and an Amazon gift card that ended in me buying a yard of vinyl. 

mini notions pouch with clear vinyl panel

The pouch is pretty handy. It’s designed for small sewing notions. You can see right into the bag so it’s perfect for keeping small items together in an easy to access manner. I managed to cut and sew most of four of the pouches in one 45 minute session. I had to have James hold the baby for another 20 minutes so I could finish them. Now I’m keeping some of my most used sewing feet (ie walking foot) in one of these in my sewing desk. This keeps the little items from rattling around my desk drawer or trying to over stuff the storage space in the sewing machine.  I’ve got a few in my purse also for the odd small item. 

I have had a couple (exactly 2) days where #Babels was visiting his grandparents and I seized the opportunity! The first time was to make the practice Salamence and I also attempted a purse organizer. More on that one later. 

The second time I started cutting and sewing the real Salamence outfit after resizing the pattern. The pattern resizing also happened during a short reprieve with the baby napping in his crib. 

Abels Innovations is now in the midst of moving! South Florida here we come! So we’ll have even more chaos of packing and unpacking to deal with for a little while. I’ll get back to Salamence (currently packed in a box) soon! 

Here’s a sneak peak at Salamence!