Babels is a Pokemon! Part One: Planning and Practice

The real reason we reproduce is to dress our offspring up in costumes, right? 

DragonCon is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting serious about costumes. But not for me, for my new baby. James and I have some cosplay favorites in our repertoire so we’ll be adding the little one to our family cosplay. Up first is Pokémon. James proposed to me at MegaCon in our Pokémon trainer cosplays, so it’s a fitting place to start. 

James’s favorite Pokémon is Salamence, a ridiculously awesome dragon. And well who doesn’t want to be a dragon at their first DragonCon? Salamence is a third stage Pokémon. I considered making the baby version Bagon, but decided to go big instead. 


I started with a pattern that I purchased for making onesies. I’m using this for sizing since I’m a new mom and have no idea how big babies actually are. I also keep hearing that every baby is different. Since Babels will be almost 5 months at DragonCon, I chose the 6-9 month size in hopes it’ll be big. 

I added a hood to do the head details, eyes and spikes that Salamence has. He also needs wings and a tail. I’m using a booties pattern to make little dragon feet since it’s not a footed onesie. I modified the top of the onesie to allow for the hood attachment and added some belly scales. I’m planning making all the details into appliques and sewing them on top of the main pattern pieces. 

I cut out my modified pattern pieces on tracing paper and then on some practice fabric. The scrap knits I had at home turned out to be some adorable baby appropriate colors. 

Salamence pattern pieces cut out on tracing paper.
Hood pieces and details.
Front of onesie ready to be sewn together. 

Finally, after having Grandma babysit I was able to assemble the practice costume. It came out great! Only took about three hours of sewing. I’d never attached a hood to anything before but I figured it out. The designs on the hood and chest as well as the wings, tail and head spikes all look good. The wings, tail, and spikes could use some moderate interfacing so they aren’t so floppy. 

Finished Practice costume!

Then we tried the outfit on the baby and it fit rather well! Which is not good…since DragonCon is still 3 months away… I’ll be adding a size to the onesie pieces and the hood pieces to make sure that it fits for DragonCon. I would much rather it be loose than tight! Either way Babels now has a super awesome pastel Dragon suit to wear for the next few months.