My Love Affair with My Walking Foot 

How many times have you lined up two pieces of fabric and then at the end of the seam the top piece is longer than the bottom!? This drives me nuts, especially when trying to sew in sleeves.

Stay tuned for the answer to all your problems!

I’ve been sewing for about four years now. My mom taught me when I was little and I picked it up recently to make costumes for Cons. I learn so much every time I try something new. The Abels family frequents DragonCon in Atlanta every year. I regularly attend the sewing panels to learn new techniques.

The most useful thing I’ve picked up from the panels so far was to go buy a walking foot. One Amazon gift card later, I bought this foot for my Singer Promise. The walking foot has feed teeth on it that help to pull the top piece of fabric along at the same rate as the bottom. This keeps the fabric from stretching or pulling so that they stay lined up.

walking foot in action.

It works so well! The walking foot has become my default foot and is always on my machine now (unless there is a zipper to deal with). I made some baby blocks for #Babels while I was pregnant and nesting. The small 3.5 in squares don’t leave much room for seam allowance and lining them up well is key to making actual cubes. The other major advantage of this sewing foot is when sewing knits or any type of stretchy fabric. Minky is a very soft fabric used a lot for baby blankets and other accessories. It’s very slippery and stretchy in one direction. Because of the walking foot, I was able to make several burp cloths and changing pad covers out of this fabric with excellent precision. Knits are a pain but sometimes they are necessary. The walking foot helps keep knits from pulling or misaligning during sewing.

so many little squares sewn into cubes for #Babels.
this one was a very stretchy knit that came out really well.

The walking foot is the best purchase I’ve made for my sewing room coming in only a hairsbreadth ahead of some nice fabric scissors.