Bag for Breast Pump

I got a breast pump free from my insurance and it came in a very classy cardboard box. I decided I needed something a little nicer to tote my breast pump around in. The name brand pump bags are hella expensive and usually a nondescript black bag. So I went to the mommy discussion boards for some opinions. Most people either bit the bullet and bought the expensive bag or went on amazon and bought a cheap tote bag. I decided if I was going to spend twenty dollars on a cheapy tote, I’d rather spend it on fabric and make a travel bag that I actually liked. Then it was back to the Internet to find a pattern.

I found a pattern for a type of bag I liked and bought it. The boxy-ness made me think it would give me the most space to play with and still be a reasonable size. My pump is much larger than this pattern so I used it as a guide and made my own. I spent a long time drawing pattern pieces to the size and shape I needed. I rechecked my math about 5 times before I cut out the pattern on tracing paper. As I was 38 weeks pregnant at this point I was not about to cut anything twice.

I spent an extraordinary amount of time at Joann’s deciding on fabrics. I chose an outdoor canvas for the outside and straps so it would be a more durable. Then I picked a gray chevron to accent it and for the lining. I went with fusible fleece to line the outer piece hoping for some cushioning (Breast pumps are expensive when they aren’t free from insurance). I used a medium weight fusible for lining the inside of the bag.

What I wanted most out of this bag was to be able to fit the pump and all it’s accessories in an organized fashion. Once I had the lining piece laid out on cutting mat I started designing pockets. I added elastic to hold some bottles and an elastic pocket to hold the power cords. I had two pockets on each long side of the purse for breast pads and the assorted pump parts. On the outside I also added a zipper pocket to hold milk storage bags and a pen. This allowed enough room in the center for the actual pump and the little Medela cooler.

Pump and accessories laid out to design the inside and outside pockets.

This bag turned out to be the most professional looking project I’ve made to date. I did some top stitching in a silver thread on the navy canvas as well as add an Abels Innovations label. Unfortunately the bottom was large and sagged. So I taped my remaining canvas fabric to a piece of cardboard and put it in the bottom of the bag. No one will ever know. Perfect!

This bag was super useful when I had to go back to the hospital (twice) after actually giving birth. I used it again when I needed to travel to South Florida for a job interview at 3 weeks postpartum. Emergency bag testing completed, and I am very happy with my creation.

The inside of the finished bag holding the breast pump, cooler and other pumping accessories.
Breast pump bag finished